MAY 2023
Top 15 Health and Wellness Trends of 2023 You Must Adopt To Achieve Higher Quality of Life
From better sleep quality to improved mental health, health trends of 2023 focus on enriching health and wellness at holistic levels. Here’s a glance at the most popular trends you will witness this year.

What does the future of health and wellness look like? It’s 2023, and the world is experiencing a dramatic shift in how we approach health and wellness. While we are moving towards cutting-edge technologies, it’s also important to retain and stick to some powerful ancient remedies for staying holistically healthy.
Formed from the amalgamation of both advanced and ancient wellness practices, here are the health trends of 2023 that are sure to inspire and surprise you.

1. Micro workouts

Remember you decided to include workouts in your routine last year to stay healthy? You’re still trying, but somehow you are unable to do it. You have reasons: lack of motivation, taking care of your children, never-ending work, and hectic schedules.
You feel you don’t have enough time to dedicate to exercising. But you can exercise without dedicating a certain time and compromising your schedule by trying micro-workouts.
As the name reads, these are brief workouts performed whenever you’re free throughout the day. Say, you’ve extra 15 minutes in your lunch, go for a brisk walk, or say you have 10 minutes free time while baking, you can do 15 pushups.
In the fast-paced world of today, where people have hectic lifestyles, finding dedicated time for exercise is tough. That’s why micro workouts are going to be the possible future of exercise.
And now here comes the best part — Science says, micro workouts done for a few minutes throughout the day, are as effective as full-length workouts.

2. Sun syncing

Sun syncing: The next big thing in 2023. It’s nothing but syncing your body with the sun to function optimally.
Your body’s temperature rises after dawn to help you wake up and decreases once you’re about to sleep. Eating and sleeping according to the sun can do wonders for your body.
Steps to sync your body with the sun:

  • Eat your largest meal at lunch, when the sun shines brightest
  • Make your breakfast and dinner light and easy to digest as the sun is dim during these times.
  • Go to sleep by 10 pm.
  • Wake up before or with the sunrise.

The benefits?

  • When you expose yourself to sunlight, your body releases nitric oxide into the blood flow which helps in reducing blood pressure.
  • Better sleep ( More on this later)
  • Sun exposure improves the blood flow to your brain so that you can have a better mood and mental health.
  • Sun syncing regulates your appetite thereby maintaining metabolic health.

I am sure you now have enough reasons to jump on this trend!

3. Quality sleep

You are compromising on your sleep to complete your deadline or just to finish your favorite series on Netflix. You continue to do this and it becomes a habit to sleep late at night every day.
If this sounds like you, then you need to work on your sleep quality in 2023.
Some facts:

  • According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. don’t get enough sleep every day.
  • About 50 to 70 million in the U.S. have sleep disorders.
  • Here’s why you need to give priority to sleep: According to a recent study, improper sleep is bad for your heart, blood sugar, and brain functions.

So how can you do it?

The first and most important step is:

  • Expose yourself to sunlight. Align your circadian rhythm with the sun so that your body knows when to shut down.
  • No phones 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Going to bed at the same time every day; consistency improves sleep quality.
  • Meditate once a day to relax your mind.
  • Don’t read, listen or see sensitive things before sleep.

4. Mindful eating

You are sitting for your breakfast with your phone to check and respond to emails. You don’t chew the food properly, you don’t know if you’re full or not, and as a result, you tend to overeat. Now, tell me, how many times have you done this?
Many people are not even aware of how they eat matters equally to what they eat that a trend has to teach us about mindful eating.
Mindful eating incorporates mindfulness while eating: paying attention to what you eat, stopping when you’re done, and more.
You would be surprised to know this: A total of 10 studies show how mindful eating aids weight loss equally compared to conventional diets and food restrictions.
Some steps to get started with mindful eating:

  • Never eat while watching TV or using digital devices.
  • Concentrate on chewing and chew it properly so that the food you eat becomes easier to digest.
  • Stop when you’re full.
  • Eat your meals when you’re hungry or when you feel your last meal has been digested.

5. Mindful drinking

More and more people are realizing the ill effects of alcohol and are looking for ways to cut it down in 2023.
While the “all or nothing” concept is difficult to follow, people believe mindful drinking is a comfortable way to incorporate it into their lifestyle.
Let’s see what mindful drinking is. Mindful drinking is being aware of how much and how often you indulge in drinking. This way you can enjoy drinking as well as prevent complications like hangovers.
According to the National Institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism, low-risk drinking is no more than 3 drinks per day for women and 4 drinks per day for men.
Now it’s time to take action. Some actionable tips to drink mindfully:

  • Drink water in between drinking alcohol to hydrate yourself.
  • Don’t give ears to these words: “Just one more drink won’t do any harm” “We’ll end this with the last one drink”. Maintain your limit.
  • Switch to alternatives like soft drinks or sodas.

6. Meditation

To escape the stress between work, life, family, and responsibilities, people are taking the inward approach. Meditation offers a better solution to them by making them efficient to handle materialistic problems.
According to experts, an estimated 200 to 500 million people take part in meditation in the whole world. Interesting, huh?
You want to dive into this surreal experience but worried that you don’t get enough time to sit and meditate? We got you! Try mini-meditation anywhere and anytime.
Whenever you’re free, sit erect, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Focus on your breath and then start to meditate. It is completely fine even if it is for 5 minutes.
You’ll see the benefits gradually.

7. Yoga

Are you someone who doesn’t like workouts or tiring exercises or just looking for a different approach to lift your body? Then why not try yoga?
Yoga is a unique way of aligning your physical geometry with cosmic geometry to treat your mind, body, and soul simultaneously.
Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to learning only via in-person yoga trainers. Virtual yoga classes are booming now. According to a survey conducted in 2020, 12% of people are more interested in taking virtual yoga classes.
So what are you waiting for? Empower your body and elevate your soul with yoga in 2023.

8. Cold plunges

You might have seen people going crazy over cold water plunges and posting selfies on your social media feed. This trend has garnered many people’s attention. But is it worth a try?
Cold water plunges are immersing yourself in a bathtub of cold water and swimming for a few minutes.
Many people who have tried report a better mood, reduced anxiety, and good muscle health. A 24-year-old woman with depression opted for cold water swimming and found improvement in her mood and depressive symptoms.
Disclaimer: People with high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems should try cold plunges only after consulting a doctor.

9. Quality solitude

If you find yourself feeling uninterested in everything you do, procrastinating, or feeling an emptiness, then it’s probably a sign to take quality time for yourself.
More than just a trend, quality solitude is a necessity.
Quality time is spending time for yourself to do things you love, to relax, and to calm your mind. Think of this like charging your phone when the battery is low, otherwise, it would become dead. Do you understand the importance?
According to a study, quality me-time or solitude helps people to work better, and maintain psychological well-being and good relationships.
So how to get started? Quality solitude depends upon every individual and cannot be generalized. However, these ideas would give you an overview:

  • Cooking something new
  • Going for a long drive
  • Cleaning your home
  • Painting, dancing, or singing
  • Listening to a podcast or watching a documentary
  • Going on a solo date
  • 10. Digital minimalism

    You dine in a restaurant after a tiring week to spend quality time with your family and enjoy your weekend only to end up scrolling social media mindlessly. Sound familiar?
    It’s time to unlock yourself from these digital distractions.
    Like decluttering your physical things and mind, you need to declutter your digital space too. That’s why digital minimalism is gaining popularity even in 2023.
    Some people believe Cal Newport first introduced this concept in his book – Digital Minimalism. So what is digital minimalism? Is it completely ditching your gadgets? or Is it just a one-day digital detox?
    Digital minimalism is not just a one-day digital detox or no-screen time. It is about using technology intentionally thereby avoiding distractions to reach your untapped potential.
    Some excellent ways to get started with digital minimalism:

    • Uninstall the social media apps that you are most addicted to. Example: Youtube, Instagram, or Twitter. Now you ask how to use them for learning. If you want to use apps for educational purposes, log in through your desktop.
    • Never start or end your day by checking your phone.
    • Delete unwanted photos and emails.
    • Put your phone in another room during deep work hours.
    • Turn off notifications and train yourself to ignore FOMO.

    “The urge to check Twitter or refresh Reddit becomes a nervous twitch that shatters uninterrupted time into shards too small to support the presence necessary for an intentional life” – Cal Newport

    11. Corporate wellness programs

    If your corporate company is offering a wellness program, then just remember that you’re lucky and participate in it without any hesitation.
    But why?
    Companies are now believing
    wellness programs as a solution to their problems: healthcare costs, retaining existing employees, attracting new talents, and improving performance.
    From educating on diets, and smoking cessation programs to supporting mental health problems companies are doing their roles efficiently. Many corporate wellness startups are on a mission to support companies achieve employee wellness.

    12. Fusion of Health and Tech

    From checking your glucose levels at home to taking the help of an application to meditate, the fusion of health and technology is incredible.
    With new innovations, the health and wellness startups aiming to bring a change in people’s health and quality of life, are on the rise.
    Be it sleep, glucose management, mental health, and more, you definitely now have an application that helps you tackle the wellness challenges you encounter in your day-to-day life.
    Meet EYVA, born from the impeccable combination of revolutionary technology and everyday wellness. This gadget helps you improve your well-being holistically.
    Wondering how? You can measure your 6 key body vitals in 60 seconds with just a touch!
    With EYVA, you are empowered with the knowledge about how your inner body is behaving and how it responds to various activities at any time of the day.
    This means you can make the right lifestyle changes and informed decisions that foster 10X improved health and wellness.
    It connects to a mobile application where you see the results of your vitals and get authentic health insights to optimize your and your family’s lifestyle. Yes, it’s a family-friendly gadget that you can use along with your family members.
    Technology is here to transform the way you approach your everyday wellness. Why not leverage it to enhance your well-being and live the best version of your life?

    13. Holistic wellbeing

    You might have heard the word “holistic well-being” yet wondering what it is. More often than not, health is only viewed in terms of physical ignoring other aspects of health.
    On the other hand, holistic well-being is treating your body as a whole from physical to mental, social, spiritual, and emotional health.
    Say, for example, you have high blood pressure and one of your root causes is a stressful lifestyle. Just giving you medicines to correct your hormones won’t work. Maybe you also need to make some lifestyle changes to let go of your stress.
    Let’s say, you included yoga and mindfulness practices in your routine along with taking medicines. Now, your blood pressure management efficiency is 10X better than it was with medications alone.
    This is how holistic well-being works. Instead of taking care of just one part, you take care of your overall health. Because everything in your mind is interconnected.
    The anxiety affects your digestion, unstable glucose causes skin issues, and too much consumption of refined sugar impacts your brain.
    Want to build a holistic lifestyle the right and easy way? You can gather authentic and actionable wellness insights from the EYVA app. Indulging in holistic well-being is the best step you could take for your health.

    14. Personalized Healthcare

    Personalized healthcare or personalized medicine works based on each individual’s genetics, medical conditions (if any), and environmental and lifestyle conditions.
    One size doesn’t fit all and this is what makes personalized healthcare more efficient, delivering what works best for that particular patient.
    While personalized healthcare remained unknown to many people, this is gaining popularity in 2023.

    15. Virtual wellness communities

    You start to exercise but find it difficult to maintain consistency due to a lack of motivation. You feel it would be better if you get an accountability partner but no one in your circle has the same goal as yours.
    Now, what if I tell you that you can get help via virtual wellness communities to take your journey to the next level? Yes. Virtual wellness communities are your rescue panel if you’re looking for like-minded individuals to get fit together in 2023.
    You can join relevant groups according to your preferences like blood glucose management, blood pressure, or better heart health to get insights, tips, and lifestyle changes.
    Do you know EYVA too has an exclusive community where we share holistic wellness wisdom? To become a part of it, all you need to do is sign up for our special letter and we will see you on the other side.
    Check it out here.

    The Wrap-Up Note

    From the growing interest in mindfulness practices to the integration of technology into healthcare, it’s clear that the future of health and wellness is human-centric and personalized. Whether you’re interested in improving your mental health, optimizing your nutrition, or adopting a more active lifestyle, there’s something for everyone in the health trends of 2023.
    It’s an exciting time to be alive, and with these emerging trends, we have the opportunity to take control of our health at holistic levels and live our best lives. By staying informed and open to new ideas, we can all work together to create a healthier and more sustainable future for ourselves and our communities.
    So let’s embrace the health trends of 2023 and take the first step towards a brighter and more fulfilling future!